kitten! sooo totes adorbs, thought I would share the cuteness this fine morning šŸ™‚



Pink Crochet Heart Bowl
By knitandcrochet

see, this is really cute. but…but…crochet! I just can’t get into it. It seems so much harder than knitting, and you can’t just zone out and do it without thinking, like I can with knit and purl. But then, you can create such awesome sculpted things with crochet. Hmm, maybe I will have to have another go at learning…once I have finished my current knitting projects, of course!

Owl jumper! Finished except for the final touches- buttons for the eyes! Can you get buttons that look somehow owly? Also it needs blocking somehow, but seeing as I always buy the cheapest yarn I can get I’m not sure exactly how to do that without melting it. Pattern from Kate Davies, ‘Owls.’