goodies for my stash! from ‘the golden skein’ swap

I took part in a swap organised by ‘The Golden Skein’ (run by Jo of Shiny Bees podcast fame). the swap was for a project bag, and a skein of yarn inspired by a photo that the recipient chose. my inspiration photo was this one of a view from my garden:

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 19.30.47

and this was what I received today:


how amazing is that! close up of the bag:


look at that stitching! I am so moved by the effort that my gifter put into this, and just the wonderfulness of having a bag to keep with a view that I love so much 🙂

oh and the yarn isn’t half bad either:


Sock Yarn from Hedgehog Fibres in ‘teacup’ colourway. I am soooo tempted to cast on something right now, but I am restraining myself. (so far!)

so yes, my advice to anyone is to take part in any swap you can, it’s so rewarding picking gifts for a random stranger, and then you have the extra bonus of a wonderful gift for yourself!


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